Read My Plays!

So you wanna read one of my plays? Well you're in luck! Soon you'll be able to read samples of all of my work here. If you like it and want to send me some comments, questions, or feedback then please get in touch with me on my email or touch base with me on social media. To protect my copyright all you see is 90% of the full text. If one of my plays totally moves you and you just have to produce it and get it on stage then email me at and we'll talk specifics and royalties. It's that simple.

And the fun doesn't stop there. When you produce one of my plays you also get a shoutout and write up on my blog for absolutely nothing! I believe that theatre is about community and relationships. So I look forward to starting a new relationship with you! So happy reading!

Ten Minute Plays 

Just One More Moment

A Ten Minute Play

Running Time: 10 minutes
1 Male 1 Female

Synopsis: The Bombs have dropped. The world has ended. Can love survive for these two survivors?


Running Time: 10 Minutes 
I Male 1 Female

Synopsis: A Father is looking for his runaway daughter. He seems to be haunted by the spirits of his past mistakes. Are they one in the same?

Full Length Plays

Last Hope for Twenty Miles

A one act play

Running Time: 90 min
3 Males 1 Female

Synopsis: A woman is looking for an escape from the middle of nowhere and stands at a crossroads. At one road is a fairy tale romance with a man that's too good to be true. On the other road is a man that's totally devoted to her but grounded in reality. But the clock is ticking. Who will she choose?


  1. These are awesome Thank you for posting

  2. You are a very talented person. I see a wonderful future for you.