Guitar Portfolio

So I love making homemade guitars. I believe that making your own instrument not only gives you something that's customized to your own style but makes you more likely to play and practice which means that you get better quicker. Handmade guitars are as much art and personal expression as they are practical tool. They are cheap to make and it's dealer's choice when it comes to decorating them. It's cheap art at it's simplest. They make as much of a statement as your music does. I've been building my own guitars for a couple years now and I'm trying to branch out more as a musician. Here are some pics of my most recent builds.

The King:

This is a diddley bow I made for my boss's son. He just turned eight and was always asking me to make him one. So I decided to surprise this little guy with a baritone diddley bow that he could grow into. He really enjoyed it!

A One String Guitar made from a Cookie Tin

A baritone ones string slide guitar

A one string guitar made from a cookie tin

The Peter:

A One String Diddley Bow. One of my very first builds. It's got a nice grumbling sound that sounds very primal.

A cigar box diddley bow

One string guitar

The Farley:

A Four String that I made. You can play it with your fingers but it sounds like it was born for a slide. It sounds very plucky. 

A four string cigar box guitar

Dr. Fronkensteen guitar

The Dragyn Scales:

This was my first Three String Build. I've let the look evolve as my girlfriend keeps giving me stuff to put on it. It's never completely "finished". 

DIY Guitar by Dr. Fronkensteen

DragynScales by Ricky Steven Young

The Brown-Eyed Princess:

I literally just finished this one last week. It's a five string that's tuned just like my regular guitar except that it's a rumbling baritone in Open C. This thing sounds like it just came out of the bayou and with a slide it has a beautiful sound.

A five string broomstick guitar by Dr. Fronkensteen

A cigar box guitar by Dr. Fronkensteen


  1. wow your very talented, my hubby made a guitar something like yours for my daughters school project, and I was amazed it actually worked too

  2. Oh my goodness! These are just soooo awesome.

  3. My grandson has me check this every day to see if you've made a new one. Better get busy! (-: