Saturday, January 10, 2015

Aargh!!! Pirate Costumes Ahoy! Plus Size Costumes!

So if you haven't noticed, pirates are coming back into style, Yes, even after they totally got over done by all of the Jack Sparrow movies and several other movies following the trend it soon becoming cool again to "shiver your timbers" and "search for booty". Soon you may find out that someone near you is doing a production of the Pirates of Penzance and Peter Pan and you'll have to provide your own costume. Why not be prepared with this great little number from Birthday in a Box

Birthday in a Box

Don't I look like a proper scoundrel? All fit to play Mr. Shmee or any other kind of salty sea dog. But how is it? Well it's awesome. It fits magnificently. Big guys know that when you get something from the big and tall it either wears like a dress or a tourniquet. This feels just right! There was no breath holding or squeezing. The only thing that didn't fit was the belt. And everyone knows that stripes make you look thinner.
California Costumes
I wasn't thinking I'd fit in a costume that was made for a guy that skinny!

Everything packs up nicely and it's thin enough to not be hot under that stage lights .It may be cold though so you might have to bundle up when you meet your adoring fans. It gives you full range of motion and it looks good enough that no one will know that you didn't make it yourself. Now this isn't something to bring out when you're looking for something close to historical accuracy but who in the world cares about historical accuracy in the theatre! But if you're looking for a good that gets you swashbuckling and stage ready there you go!

Have fun and Break a leg me hearty!

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