Thursday, May 22, 2014

What I'm up to now!

So it's been a long and fascinating year so far and the days are ticking ever closer until I hop on the bus to get onto Hollins again. For the third year in a row my play was chosen to be in Lab and every year the Festival line up gets even more interesting. I'm super excited to be with my Theatre family again and continue to do that voodoo that we do so well.

And of course I get to spend six weeks with this girl!
But I have found as I continue my research and tinkering with my keyboard that my style and interests are changing in ways that will make this summer even better! I'm taking a class in Brecht which comes in handy because I've been moving in some very expressionistic directions with my writing. In Theatre for Youth I'll be learning tips on writing children's theater from one of the masters which is great because I've been looking into writing Duets and Forensic monologues for High School groups.

And of Course there is Lab where my play Townies will receive some in depth criticism and critique to help me develop it. This is the third year of lab I've had a play in and with that and No Shame I've learned so much about how I work and think as a Playwright. I believe my plays and process get so much better every year. If Hollins was just wrapped up in Lab and No Shame that would be great but then there is just so much more!!!

I'm always interested in seeing how much my plays and interests have changed over the years and how many of my truest passions are still alive!  I really feel like I have grown every year and by the time I've started thesis I'll be ready to spread my wings and really fly!

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