Friday, May 30, 2014

Staying Smooth with Van Der Hagen

Disclaimer: I was given a product to review. Any and all opinions are my own. 

Have you ever wanted to just ditch the new fangled razors and shaving cream for the retro days of lather and a straight razor? Well Van Der Hagen is here to the rescue with an old school method to get your beard smooth and stylin'.

The best thing about this luxury shaving set..less mess. When I get my usual shaving cream can out there by the time I get it lathered on my face before I can move on I got a mess all over my hands and sink. You just can't ever get the exact amount of shaving cream on your hands that leaves enough on your face. Well with the badger brush and the apothecary mug those days are over. All you do is run the brush under some water and run it over the soap in the mug and then you're good to go. When you have just enough on your face then you rinse off the brush and your hands are still clean and you hang the brush up on the include stand to let it dry. The lack of clean up makes this thing super worth it!
Retro but Effective

It takes a couple of tries to get the lather just right but after you get it down you notice that the lather from the soap goes on nice and smooth. Since you're only using as much lather as you need with out much excess I wouldn't be surprised if it lasted longer than the usual can of shaving cream. The only thing that failed to perform was my own store bought razor that I found had gone dull. I felt very fresh and ready to start the day.

In conclusion this is a shaving set that has made me really want to go out and get a straight razor for a truly retro smooth shave. I know that I'm an old soul but this set will give any lover of the new fangled razors enough pause to try some old school. Stay smooth everyone!

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