Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just keep Running the Race

Sometimes in the arts it's easy to think that you're competing with everyone else in your field. And whether or not you feel that way you do have to admit that we are all on our respective journeys. So as long as we are all on that road to success in the theatre here are some tips to make your journey smoother. 

Also the Road to Success is much smoother if you drive.

  • Stay in your lane: Ask yourself realistically what your skill level is and where you should be in your craft. A lot of the people that you think ahead of you have probably been in the game longer. So of course they should be going farther than you. 
  • Keep Realistic Goals: Yeah of course it would be cool if you could get on Broadway and get published and then earn a million dollars. But I'm sure you have to do a lot of things before you get to that point. Do some research and see what the majority of people are doing in your field. Then determine what your next step is.
  • Keep a reasonable/Sustainable pace: Of course you could be Playwriting God and submit to twenty theater's a day and write eight hours a day but after a while you're sure to get burnt out. Why not try to research one great place a month. Do your research. 
  • Find a mentor/coach: There is something great about having someone to be accountable with about your art. For me my mentor and partner in crime is my fiance. I know when I come to her she will give it to me straight and tell me what needs to be done. 
  • Stop Competing: In the theatre world this isn't a race to see who becomes the next Shakespeare. Maybe it's not even a competition at all but a fun run. You're hopefully doing this because you love it and want to grow in your craft and meet other people that do what you love. 
A very bright man told me that when you measure your success you need to look at where you want to be, your destination, and then look at what you're doing now. If what you're doing now isn't getting you where you want to go then maybe you should start asking yourself "well what needs to change". Keep looking ahead to your horizon and always be asking yourself "what do I need to be doing next?" You'll be surprised after a while how far you get. 

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