Friday, May 16, 2014

Cell Phones and Play Producing

We live in a world today where people live attached to the hip with their cellphones. And as a producer (or a playwright or director acting as a producer) you need to know how to utilize this tool effectively in your production. Cell phone or brick phone it makes no difference there are some certain things you should just know how to do in today's day and age that are going to help you. So here are the tips...

One of these things is a great toy full of hours of fun. The other is a Color Clix sculpture. 

  • Save your cast and crew as contacts immediately. Double check for accuracy. I once had an actress who was in a reading text me with a scheduling conflict and I didn't know that I typed her number in wrong. After being rude to a what I thought was a wrong number I ended up offending the actress and had a lot of explaining to do. Save yourself the hassle and do it right.
  • Take photos and videos like it's your job: Not only is this best way to communicate with design crew sometimes but someone better be posting stuff to your social media. A good web presence means people know you exist.
  • Make a text list for your cast and crew: It's the best way to keep in contact with them when you want to send mass texts to the whole group. This saves you a lot of time.
  • Update social media regularly: Again Facebook and other social media is like free advertising, The more you keep it in people's minds the more it works.
  • Create a Facebook Group for the cast: Unfortunately the analog call board in the greenroom doesn't always work anymore. Nowadays people will go to their Facebook more often than they go to their email or walk into the greenroom. So if you send the email and then update the Facebook group and also happen to have a printout on the bulletin board... well then they have no excuse to not see it. 
  • Try going multimedia with your feedback: On your usual smartphone not only can you write huge blocks of text you can also add audio, video, and pictures. So why not if you feel like you have to rant about something that's not working why not attach an audio file of that rant to the email. That means that the cast and production crew doesn't have to read large blocks of text that get real monotonous. Because you know they only read the first few paragraphs anyway. 
You have this great piece of modern technology in the palm of your hand. Why not make the best use of it? I bet that your cast will love it!

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