Monday, May 5, 2014

And you Thought the Diddley Bow only Plays Blues

So you think that the one string diddley bow is just for kids learning the guitar or for older guys who want to play the old blues standards? Huh? Well I can't blame you. I just got done making a diddley bow for a friend's son who was very enamored with mine and the kind of music I could get out of it. But what if you're a rocker or prefer something more on the side of thrash or death metal? Well let me introduce you to the Djentstick a one string guitar that can shred with the best of them.

This guy claims that he made all of the audio on this clip with just that diddley bow, an EMG-81 pick up, and a Line 6 Pod XT. While I love the natural sound of the instruments and prefer to have as few effects other than a good distortion in my amp you can't fault this guy's results. One thing you'll notice with electric instruments is that it doesn't matter so much what you play it on but what you play it through.

I love the baritone one string sound. 

From what I can see in my research it's got a very low tuning, kind of in the baritone or bass range. And it gets the name Djent (pronounced gent) from the palm muted style of playing in death metal that it comes from. You could easily make this with a 3 foot piece of spare wood and a low guitar string...even a bass string if that suits you. It doesn't seem like it would take it so much to get it wired up and ready to go. I'd love to see more builds of it online. Other than five or six videos on youtube about it this style doesn't seem to have much of a web presence yet. (so get on it).

So don't think that the diddley bow is just for old blues guys. Whatever style you play you can get out there and make one that can play your music. The idea of having only one string is that it takes less time for you to learn how to play and give you more time making great music. So get out there to your workshops and get playing!

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