Friday, April 11, 2014

Three Great Toys from @HogWildToysLLC

Disclaimer: I was given stuff by Hog Wild Toys LLC to review. All opinions are my own.

Dr. Fronkensteen here, channeling my inner child. Hog Wild Toys sent a huge box on my doorstep. Inside of it were three of the coolest new toys. So awesome that I couldn't split them up into three separate posts. They're their own little cornucopia of kid fun! So here we go!

Zip Stix

Test your aim with these Babies!
Do you remember the slap bracelets we used to have when we were kids? Well what if instead of a fashion statement you could get a launcher and shoot those things at small cones or take to the air with cool ramps? Awesome right? Well wait no more because Hog Wild Toys brings you Zip Stix. These rigid little stix come with their own launcher. You just press a little bit and off they go with some wicked speed.

I love them because even though they can do some great tricks and get some real speed going you can shoot them anywhere and they're totally safe. You can give these to your kids and drop them off at your mother's china shop and still be assured that they won't break everything.


Take me to your leader. And Pop my eyes out!
Have you ever wanted to let your younger kids play with a toy dart gun but feel that's it's not the best for their age group? Have you ever wanted to give them a toy that can shoot things across the room that won't hurt the cat? Welcome to poppers! No only are they cute little collectible toys but when you squeeze their tummies that ball shoots right out their mouth and clear across the room. And the coolest thing about them is that they're totally safe.

I work at a nursery with little kids all the time so I know how to test toys the way that kids will play with them. And let me tell you these Poppers will take a beating. You can squeeze them as hard as you want and they're still ready the next day.

The Flash Stache

These whiskers get extra sparkly!
Have you ever seen a toy that you know will be popular but you just don't know why? Welcome to the Flash Stache. It's just like your regular fake mustaches except that when you press a button on the back it lights up! I think it would be a cool thing for kids who like to do activities in the dark or have glow in the dark parties. (Flashlight Tag anyone?)

I would show you a picture but with my real mustache already getting long enough the fake one kind of disappears. But for those kids that love creative dress up or cool flashing lights this is definitely a must have!

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