Monday, March 3, 2014

The Art of Everyday Life

Some things resonate for reasons that only matter to you.

I often talk about cheap art on this blog. Well it's a subject that I've been constantly exploring and reworking in my brain for a long time now. I think I now define cheap art as the art that we find in our everyday life whether intentional or unintentional. Sometimes you just find unintentional art all around you, those things that just, for that moment in time, resonate at a very deep level to you for some reason. Have you ever see something that was so poignant you didn't know if it was a mess or a guerilla art piece? (I can't be the only one) That's one of the things that cheap art can be. 

Sometimes art can enliven things you would never look at twice.

Cheap art can also be those everyday things that serve a practical purpose to you. Like painting trash cans or making little sculptures out of ordinary objects so that you can put your tablet at eye level (I'm guilty of that one). This kind of cheap art is you using your God given ingenuity to make something you use everyday, a lot like DIY. Cheap art is making up a little ditty to sing while you're working. Cheap art is using your pots and pans as impromptu drums and cymbals. It's creating a new side table out of a set of books and a piece of wood. Use your creativity and make something for your life.

The perfect message is only a few markers and a post-it away.

Cheap art is also using what you have around you to make a difference. It's writing a short love note for your sweetie or making a new meme for your social media page. Since cheap art doesn't mean that you need any skills what ever you do is the right choice. Cheap art is realizing that you already have all the tools to make a statement, everything is immediately accessible to you, you just have to adapt what's at hand to the message. 

Anything can be used for your statement. 

How have you used Cheap Art recently? Where do you find it in your everyday life? Get out there and get started. A world of art is at your fingertips!

Sometimes even the ironic can be pursued. 

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