Monday, March 10, 2014

My Fave 10 Madame Alexander Moments #TFNY #TF14

Hello Guys and Dolls! This is your friendly neighborhood DragynAlly taking over the Lounge. You know you love it! As many of you (some of you?) know I went to Toy Fair last month and WHOA was it an epic fun time. I saw so much there. Make sure to check out my site (The Lair) for some reviews and maybe a giveaway or 2. So what did I see at Toy Fair? Too much to say! But I wanted to bring you back some of my faves. Today we are talking Madame Alexander. Here are my 10 faves from Toy Fair.

10. Did you know the Wizard of Oz (movie) is turning 75? Neither did I. The pic above is what Madame Alexander imagines the Wicked Witch of the East looked like pre-house. Looks like something I might wear.

9. Baby dolls aren't usually my thing but this little cutie is a huge exception! She coos as you hold her and has the weight and feel of a real baby.

8. Muppet Puppets. Game over man! Game over. These are prototypes but the real deal will come out with the DVD release later this year.

7. Disney Dolls. Love them!

6. What happens when a fashion designer and a designer doll company get together? MAGIC! This doll is wearing an outfit designed by Isaac Mizrahi. Color me jealous.

5. Same as previous doll although this outfit is from a more recent collection.

4. Isaac Mizrahi now makes clothes for little girls. So cute! But wait... Every fab little girl needs a fashion forward doll. I did. These dolls are wearing outfits that match what your child can but. So adorable!

3. You thought we could have a 75th anniversary without Dorothy? I think not! This is how Madame Alexander imagines Dorothy looked like before the tornado.

2. Speaking of Oz... Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return comes out this year. It's filled with new characters and the classics. I can't wait to see it.

1. Steampunk Wizard of Oz... I don't know when Madame Alexander started looking through my wardrobe and reading my diary but I LOVE these dolls. They are unique and gorgeous!

So there's my 10. What do you think? Which is your fave?

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