Monday, March 17, 2014

Even Dollies Need to Relax #TFNY #TF14 @beanbagchairs

Hello Guys and Dolls! It's still your friendly neighborhood DragynAlly here in the Lounge. We are still talking toys and Toy Fair.

Today it's Ahh! Products Bean Bag chairs. "Hey you can't trick us! Bean Bags aren't toys." Wanna bet? The makers of Ahh! Bean Bags realized something. When you are chilling out and watching TV on a big comfy bean bag maybe your dolls and stuffies want to join in on the fun. Don't they deserve a great bean bag all their own? Of course they do!

Meet the Lil Me Bean bags! They are perfect for your 18 inch dolls and stuffies. Bonus: Ahh! Products can match your dolls bean bag to almost any of their human sized bean bags. Yes you and your dolls can match and your bean bags can match your decor.

What's that parents? Worried you kids will spill bean bag filling everywhere? Don't sweat! Ahh! has equipped each bean bag with a child resistant zipper that can lock. So that way you don't have to worry about the mess or your kids getting into danger.

I love that Ahh! Bean Bags come in fun and bright colors. They are perfect for kids(and kid-like adults) to hang out on. Now with the addition of Lil Me bags you can have a place for your dolls that isn't as bulky or cumbersome as regular doll furniture and still fully functional. What do you think? How would your dolls look hanging out in bean bag chairs?

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