Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Color Clix Review

Disclaimer: I was given Color Clix to review. All opinions are my own. 

So if you're like me you played with Legos or building blocks of some kind. You know the drill...they're all rectangular and they all connect to each other someway. But what if I told you that there was a new kid in town that was thinking way out of the box? How much so? There ain't a rectangle in the place. 

Great Things Lie Inside
Colorclix by Aliquantum International is a building system that emphasizes volumetric structures. Using connecters with Isosceles, Equilateral, Rhombus, and Rectangular connectors ColorClix can get you building the same kind of structures that form the building blocks of the world. DNA molecules, Atoms, and Crystals all have the same connecting angles so while you're building you're learning.

These shapes come to you almost imme
I was given the 200 piece intermediate pack. I like that they're simple enough that you can start building with them right away but unlike square building blocks they're just challenging enough to make it challenging. You actually have to experiment and work with these toys as you go. You can start working right away at it and you keep going the lightbulbs start going off in your head and you begin to make more and more complex structures. I actually started to feel my spacial reasoning skills getting better as I did this. 

Getting a little Tubular
I also love that even with 200 pieces you can start making big models. And they go a long way. Some building sets you get enough just to get a taste but you feel like you wouldn't be able to build anything recognizable until you buy four more expansion packs. I will warn you. After you start building you'll immediately want to buy more. I was starting a set of boxes when I ran out of pieces, the first thing I though was, "Aww I need more!". I can see you easily getting addicted to these things. 

You can even make practical Things like this Iphone Stand
The best thing I see is that if you have a kid like me who has Tourettes or some other kind of dis-inhibition these are very tactile and seem tailor-made for those kids who think in 3D or need help with their kinesthetic skills. These blocks really force you to think outside of the box but when you finish a model you find it's very rewarding. 

They probably never thought of wall art when they made these things but I think it's a great way to store them. 
 In conclusion these are great building blocks that are only limited by your imagination. I'm waiting for the day when I can buy a huge tub and start building some epic models! You should definitely try them out! Just ask DragynAlly.

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