Monday, February 24, 2014

Where can you see the #Enditmovement?

Quick, if I told you you had five minutes to create a message declaring that your stance for antislavery and share it to millions of people what would you do? Well if you were like many of the millions of people with mobile devices you would know that there are several choices available to you. Nothing has made it easier to let your voice be heard all over the world than your smartphone, social media, and your creativity.

This year for the End it Movement I decided that to take part in the End It Movement all I was going to need were some Sharpies and sticky notes. On the End It Movement hashtag I saw a lot of people drawing the Red X on their hands and such like but I wanted to go even farther. I had a new play that dealt with human trafficking and I wanted to shout that out too. So I made a bit bolder message putting my statements on sticky notes and leaving them around town.

I like the sticky not method because you can leave them wherever and you're not defacing public property. In fact if anyone likes what you're saying they can pick them up easily and take them with you. After I would place a piece I would take my pictures and put them up on Twitter and Pinterest. A picture brings your message to a lot more people and people are more willing to share pictures sometimes that words.

I also found it very fun. I'm not that good of an artist but my background in design and drafting taught me how to print legibly. Sharpies are immediate, simple, and permanent and I found that I was creating as quickly as I could think. I also ascribe to the philosophy of Cheap Art that was revolutionized by the Bread and Puppet Theatre. I like the idea of a simple artistic message that can be immediately shared to thousands of people in the matter of seconds. And the fact that you're doing it for a good cause makes it very rewarding. 

So Shine a Light on Slavery Day is coming up on the 27th. What are you going to do to help the cause? If you feel brave get your Sharpies and smart phone out and help spread the word!

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