Saturday, February 1, 2014

Shine a Light with #27DaysPlay #enditmovement

So for those of you who don't know February 27th is Shine a Light on Slavery Day where you can join the End It Movement and thousands of other people across the world as they raise awareness for the 27 million men, women, and children captured in slavery today. There are more slaves in today's world than there has ever been and the End It Movement is asking us to spend the 27th doing what we can to spread awareness. So what can you do to help? Well 27 Days is a play that can help you do that.
What can you do to help end Slavery today? 

Want to plug into the global network of the internet to let your voices be heard and let everyone you can know that slavery is still an issue in today's world? Are you looking for a creative way to Shine a Light on Slavery? There are only ten steps you need to take to use 27 Days to join the movement!

  1. Read it for Free: You can read the entire play for free by clicking under my "Plays for a Difference" Tab and clicking on the link "Read it Here". 
  2. Tell me that you're doing it!: Send me an email to and tell me that you want to stage a reading. People or groups that email me will get a shout out on my blog and my social media. 
  3. Get your friends together: This can be as high key or low key as you want. The play is meant to be read aloud by performers with scripts in hand. If you just want it to be an intimate reading at your home, cafe, or out on the lawn that's fine. If you want to put it onstage with lights and sound and take donations for an antislavery organization that's fine too. If you just want to read excerpts of it in front of a webcam and share them with me online that'll be good too! Do what you have to do! But you'll need help and it's fun to get your friends together to do a great thing! 
  4. Have some "rehearsals": Even a reading is gonna need some rehearsal time. Your best bet is to have at least two read thru's before you do it for real.
  5. Take lots of picture and video: Be sure to get pics and vids or everything you do and share them with the #27DaysPlay hashtag I'll retweet, share, or repost everything I see and you can see the community of people joining together to do a great thing!
  6. Tell everyone you know: No one's going to come if they don't know it's there! Call all of your friends and let them know that this is happening and that they can be a part of it!
  7. Have Human Trafficking Info and Resources: You can get great info off the End It Movement's Website here or Polaris's many great resources here! When people come in there should be some kind of information that they can have in hand about how slavery affects our world.
  8. Do the Reading: This what you've been waiting for! Get up there and do the play as good as you can. You don't have to worry about being "good" or trying to put on a spectacular show. Let the play speak for itself and do your best!
  9. Have a discussion/reflection time: After you finish reading there will probably be some emotional tension or tears shed. Have some time for discussion and reflection. The important thing is to make sure there is a call to action. Having read/heard this play what are you going to do differently? How are you going to act differently? What are you going to do to help end slavery?
  10. Tell me how it went: All things can be improved and you can help by telling me your thoughts, questions, and concerns! What can be done to make this a better tool for antislavery awareness? What can be done to make this a better play? Above all tell me how much this experience meant to you and what you're favorite memories are!
This isn't about me getting productions of a play out there or becoming "famous". I don't make any money off of this. I just want to get my play out there into the hands of people who can use it to make a difference in this world. Together we can help end slavery in our lifetime!

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