Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How 27 Days started Out.

Well first things first...have you read my play "27 Days" yet? Well before you do anything why don't you go to my "Plays for a Difference" tab and read it for free. Don't worry, I'll wait.....okay are you back? Now let's get started. 

I first started 27 Days just because I needed to do something for the cause. It was an arbitrary goal that I started for myself. For 27 straight hours I sat in front of this computer to write a play about everything that I felt was wrong with slavery in this world. I also wanted to find ways to condense all the facts about slavery from all of the material that I read and dramatize it in a way that people would never forget. I ended up with this story about a girl named Natasha who was forced into sexual slavery interspersed with all of my ramblings about how I felt. It was two streams of consciousness, one real and one fictitious. I knew that it was important to me but I didn't think that anyone else was going to care. 

Anti-Slavery is Child's play!

That was until it got selected to be in a Lab reading at my grad school. There was something about people hearing my words out loud and seeing how it stirred people up that really showed me that this play was necessary. It was just a rough draft at the time and there were some fundamental things wrong with the script at first but the fact that it moved people so deeply that they had to do something with it and express their feelings that to told me this was a very important piece. 

It was from that time that one of my colleagues told me that they just had to produce it. And so on November it got it's first performance ever in Roanoke Virginia. That was the second draft which turned my ramblings into it's own character, the character of the writer. I liked the idea of these two characters' lives intersecting to form this Red Dramatic X. At the center is these two people who have nothing to do with each other but end up changing each other's lives drastically, both for the better. 

And now I'm on to Phase 2. Getting that second production and shouting it out to everyone I can find. It's a perfect play for anyone who wants to raise awareness for human trafficking and the issues involved. Again it's not because I want to become famous but because I want this play in the hands of everybody who could put it to a good purpose! Go read it for free online and tell everyone what you think!

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