Friday, February 14, 2014

Great Merchandise from @RedThreadNepal

Today I'm continuing my series Give with Love which highlights orgs that work for a great cause and sell great merchandise that make perfect gifts. This way when you give a gift you also know that you're doing something great by supporting the fair trade market. But before we do anything lets get a little business settled...

Dislcaimer: I'm doing an unsolicited shoutout of Eternal Threads and Red Thread Movement Products. Eternal Threads and Red Thread Movement didn't pay me or give me anything to say such nice things about them. All opinions are my own.

So today we're talking about Eternal Threads and specifically the Red Thread Movement. Eternal Threads improves the lives of women and children at risk of poverty, trafficking and exploitation by giving them "sustainable livelihoods through income generating projects". This means that because of this wonderful ministry there are women who have a job and aren't forced into a situation where they can be taken advantage of. How do they do this? By making gorgeous products that you can buy. All the money you spend at their store goes right back to helping those women and children. So let me highlight a couple of cute things that really made me smile!

Crystal Tear drop necklace:

Borrowed from Eternal Threads

Made by Women artisans in Afghanistan this tear drop crystal necklace and earrings are just gorgeous! They have a classic beauty with such clean lines. The perfect thing for a night on the town!

Mens Round braided leather bracelet:

Borrowed from Eternal Threads

Have a man in your life that isn't into "girly" jewelry? Well how does some rawhide work? My girlfriend thinks this will make a great gift for the lady in your life because it goes with everything! I like it because it can be casual and formal depending on what you pair it with.

Crocheted beanie

Borrowed from Eternal Threads

This hat is hand crocheted by girls in Nepal who were rescued from human trafficking environments. This makes the perfect cold weather accessory for the abolitionist that needs to head out into the snow!

Free Her Necklace

Borrowed from Eternal Threads

This is a necklace made by women who were once bonded in sexual slavery in Mongolia. The message of this necklace gets really deep when you think that the women who made it were once in slavery but are now free. 

When you by fair trade, especially in this scenario when a lot of these pieces were made by survivors, the meaning gets deep. These stop being just accessories or fashion items that we buy they become investments in freedom and breaking the system of poverty and slavery in these developing countries. These girls need our help and this is such a fashionable way to answer that call. Please go to their store here and make a stance for freedom.

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