Saturday, February 15, 2014

Freedom Shirts! #enditmovement

Tonight I'm talking about the cool T-Shirts offered by great anti slavery organizations. Definitely the biggest battles of slavery are in the field and in the courtrooms but the biggest battlefield we'll be involved with in our lives are awareness and activism. So what better way do we have to tell people about this big problem than to work the message into our fashion. So I'm going to show you my four favorite T-Shirts for raising awareness about human trafficking and sexual exploitation. But first let's get through some legalities. 

Disclaimer: All the opinions in this shout out are my own. None of these organizations gave me anything to say wonderful things about them. 

The A21 Campaign

Borrowed from The A21 Campaign

I like the shirts that are statements that you can't ignore.  When you walk out with this shirt people will have to stop you and ask you about your cause. 

Made in A Free World

Borrowed from Made in a Free World

For one the message of this shirt is so true. Secondly this shirt brings awareness by getting the reader to start asking themselves the really important questions about human trafficking or fair trade. Sometimes getting people to question themselves is all the statement that you need.

End It Movement

Borrowed from End It Movement
This one is my personal favorite. Sometimes simplicity is the best option. The Red X is becoming the universal symbol for human trafficking and we all could do well to make sure we bring it to our little corner of the world. 

Wellspring Living

Borrowed from Wellspring Living 

You can't argue with great graphics and a great message. I like this shirt because it makes it's statement and looks good too. You can dress it up and dress it down and still know you're speaking out against sexual exploitation.

Yeah I know what you're thinking. Why am I taking the time out to talk about t-shirts when there are so many other issues dealing with slavery that I could be talking about right now. But each of these t-shirts also represent an organization that is deep in the trenches of human rights and freedom. All of the proceeds they make from these t-shirts go into helping them continue this great work. So get out there to their stores and get your favorite t-shirt. The more we can help them the more people they can help set free. 

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