Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Freedom Products from Tiny Hands @TinyHandsIntl

This Week at the Lounge we are looking at Fair Trade products that can be perfect gifts for your significant other. To start off I want to talk about the Freedom Products offered by Tiny Hand International. But first a little business.

Disclaimer: I'm just shouting out good fair trade products. Tiny Hands International didn't pay me or give me anything to say such nice things about them. All opinions are totally mine. 
Borrowed from Tiny Hands Store

Tiny Hands is a Christian organization that seeks to help women and children in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. They focus on children left out on the streets, children left orphaned with no one to take care of them, and victims of the sex trafficking industry. They also strive to empower the church in developing countries to better serve the poor and seek justice for those that are oppressed.

The Tiny Hands Store sells Freedom Products that are handmade in Nepal made by some of the very same women and children that they've rescued. The proceeds go to improving their children's homes, their efforts to end trafficking, and programs to empower women. They sell bracelets and necklaces and that are made by women in their affiliate homes. Their scarves, fleeces, and bags are made by local partners so that they can put money right back into the local economy. They also have t-shirts that you can buy to help you make a visual statement to help raise awareness of trafficking in our world. 

Borrowed from Tiny Hands Store
These products are amazing! If you are looking for a bag that doesn't scream commercialism or "mainstream" then you have to try these that were made from salvaged burlap bags. The bracelets and necklaces are gorgeous and handmade. None of this screams "arts and crafts". All of these things look like quality products that would make your next fashion statement a lasting one. 

Borrowed from the Tiny Hands Store 
And the best part of these things is that your proceeds aren't going to line some fat cat's pockets. 100% of the money goes back to making sure that the ministries of Tiny Hands International will go on. When was the last time you spent money at the mall and knew that the money was going to make a lasting difference in someone's life? Go to their store and give them a try!

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