Monday, February 3, 2014

A Ratio that should Shock us All! #enditmovement #27daysplay

There is a ratio that I found in my research of human trafficking that really bothers me. It's the ratio that says that for ever nine girls that are arrested on the streets or a sting they only arrest one John (the guy that was paying for sex). This means that young girls (some as young as 12-14) can be arrested for a crime that they were forced or coerced to do. And the men that were breaking the law of their own free will are hardly blamed or arrested.

The reason why this disturbs me is that it talks about the core flaw of how we view prostitution in general. A lot of us think that it's exactly like "Pretty Woman" or "CSI" and that these women are out there because they need the money or they really like the sex. The media tries to tell us that these are feisty women that scoff at the law and can't wait to "have a little fun". But what if all these girls are girls just like your sisters, mothers, and children. What if these girls are there against their will and forced to have sex countless times today against their will only to be arrested. And what if the guys that are doing this to these girls...and the men that are paying to use them... what if the real criminals can walk away with almost impunity and free to walk away and do it again. 

I'm not saying that all prostitutes are there against their will but isn't it time that we raised awareness that maybe it's time to at least punish ALL of the people that have committed the crime and then have a processed included to determine if the woman was actually there of her own free will or not?

Most of these women don't have control of their own ID's they don't choose who they have sex with, and they don't choose where they're going to live or what they're going to do that day. That is the definition of a slave and these women are arrested and treated like common criminals.

And what if we weren't going to allow that to happen anymore. Raise your voice and be heard. If your state doesn't have a Safe Harbor law please petition your lawmakers to do so. Do what you can to raise the awareness that we want our government to prosecute the REAL criminals in these crimes and that we're dedicated to seeing these girls being taken off the streets and sent home.

So what can you do about it? Go to the End It Movement's website here. Or Polaris's website here and get the information then find your own ways to spread awareness. And that up by living a life that will not allow slavery on your street, your community, and your world. 

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