Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Write the Way you Think!

I remember a while back talking about putting yourself behind the eight ball writing one of your new plays if your heart wasn't in it. Well today let's talk about what happens when you try to write a play and your brain just isn't in it. 

Don't try to write a sushi style play when you're in a burger mood. 
I have problems writing very long-form traditional two act plays because sometimes they take a very linear and literal mind to focus on and sometimes my brain just isn't into it. Sometimes I'm trying to keep myself focused on a 15 minute scene between two characters and I really have this other scene just nagging in my head.  

So I tried something a while back with a play I was working on. I was feeling really ADD that day so limited myself to a play composed of just three page scenes. I could then be working on one scene  and by the time that my attention started to drift I was already starting on another scene with a whole different group of characters. I've had times where I've limited myself to one page monologues and scenes because that's all I had the interest for.  Did they always work for me? Not always but it made me feel accomplished to get a draft out there and sometimes that's half the battle. 

Some times you get so caught up in writing just the plays that you think are "standard" or the ones that you can start trying to force yourself into the style. Your style can be determined by so many things and it's those unique things that you do that can give you an edge in the world. So why not let your unique brain ad to it? Maybe your brain is suited more to monologues or short or long scenes or what not. Maybe you're more suited to stage directions and moving people through space. Always experiment and get yourself out there! It's your play so do it your way!

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