Friday, January 31, 2014

The Awesomeness of My Playwright Family!

In some programs you can feel like you're actually in competition with your peers. Someone gets an award or a showcase and you keep wondering, "why couldn't it be me?!?" I'll admit that in some ways I was like that when I was younger. But when I first started my grad coursework at Hollins I learned a valuable lesson about the kind of family that your colleagues can be! You don't feel jealous when they succeed you feel great and blessed that you are in the same department that made them! So without anymore ado I want to take the time to brag on some distinguished members of my Playwright's Lab Family who are doing great things this year.
This is my Playwright Family I found it all on my own. It's little...but still good. 

Robert Plowman is one of the people I constantly look up to as a fellow artist and a creator. He won this year's Charles M. Getchell Award from the South Eastern Theatre Conference for his play "The Missing Link" and let me tell you her deserves it! I call the man a genius because after you hear or read one of his plays you just want to sit down with him and ask "how did you come up with that?" I learn just as much from him as I do from my classes.

It so wonderful to see the list of the winners of  Kennedy Center Playwriting awards and see so many of my friends' names. I want to shout out Kevin Ferguson, Jeri Weiss, and Laura King for dominating the Region IV One Act awards and Kevin for getting alternate for the David L. Shelton Award! This is how you do it!

Yet another colleague is getting her play done in Roanoke. Wendy Marie Martin's play "Ben and Rita" is being directed by the great Cheryl Snodgrass and being produced at the Mill Mountain Theater by the Playwright's Lab. It goes up soon and having seen it at Festival it is sure to be great!

This isn't to say that all of my other friends aren't doing great things on their own. I'm just shouting out my colleagues that are making serious waves in the theatre world right now and getting the Hollins name out there! They inspire me to be better everyday!

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