Monday, January 6, 2014

Superheroes Movies We Want (Marvel Edition)

So DragynAlly, my Brother Igor, and I wanted to team up on the New Year and make a bunch of geektastic lists! This time we wanted to talk about Superhero movies that we wanted to see.  This is the Marvel edition. Stay tuned for the DC edition! So here we go!

Black Panther: We need a good African American Superhero out there! Come on, Marvel make it so! He’s got such an epic origin story and everything!

Wasp: For the same reason that we need a Wonder Woman movie Marvel needs to kick in with a good strong female lead in her own movie.

Black Widow and Hawkeye Team up: These guys are a great team and they kick a lot of butt! It’s time that they got out of the passenger seat and starred in a movie of their own.

A true X-Men movie: No Wolverine stealing the show and no half made Pheonix story. They’re a great ensemble that was going in the right direction in First Class but why can’t we see the classic team going toe to toe with Sentinels? Is that too much to ask?

A Mark Ruffalo Hulk movie: Make it so. Listen, Joss Whedon finally fixed the Hulk problem with one line “I’m always angry”. I want to see the Hulk that can control his powers. I want to see the Hulk that isn’t the mindless monster but the controlled weapon.

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