Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Superheroes Movies We Want (DC Edition)

Hey guys it's Dr. Fronkensteen teaming up with DragynAlly and my Brother Igor to make a list of the Superhero movies that we want to see. Last time we did an all Marvel list but today is DC day! So here goes...

A better Batman movie: Sorry to everyone who thinks Christian Bale was the best Batman ever but I think we can do better. I would love to see a Batman series where Batman’s entire career lasts longer than a year or 2 (do the math people. It’s actually quite sad). I think Nolan did a good job but he rushed the ending and didn’t consider that Batman should be Batman for years to come.

Wonder Woman: Seriously! Why hasn’t this happened yet?! She is probably one of the most awesome superheroes EVER and she is one of the only stand alone female superheroes. Wonder Woman embodies female strength and appeals to everyone. So just make already!

Justice League: We know it’s going to happen someday but I really want to see it now!

Man of Steel 2: The first Superman movie was really awesome so it’s time that he get’s a sequel that that’s Batmanless! He was good enough to stand on his own!

A Flash Movie: I love the Flash! Love him. Ok so he only has the power to run really really fast but Flash is charismatic and fun and would make a cool movie. It would be fun to just see how they would take such a great character on. But no one has tried. what are they scared?

A John Stewart Green Lantern: He is a black superhero and awesome. He is also a more serious take on the Green Lantern saga and will be much better than the crap movie we got. And Jon was a Marine, the all American Hero! He’s kinda got that Captain America vibe but without being such a goodie goodie!

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