Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Richard Johnston: the guy I left out!

So when I was making my list of the best Cigar Box Guitar musicians on youtube I had one reader who  let it be known in the comments that I had left out one of the best. I watched the video and then I clicked on some more and I was immediately hooked!
He does play a three stringer a bit like mine. 

Of course I'm talking about Richard Johnston. He's a solo performer/one man band that mainly plays on Beale Street in Memphis. He's got a good raunchy sound and hits can go anywhere from some deep blues to some rocking rhythms. He plays a diddley bow and couple of guitars made from Johnny Lowebow. You can hear some of his music here!

I personally like him because he's got a laid back troubadour feel to his music and playing style. He has enough talent to work a drum with his feet and cover the rhythm and bass while he sings some amazing vocals. He can command a huge crowd on the streets and get passersby to stop not just to put money in the hat but to stay a while and listen and dance. He can also take some of the old blues standards and make them sound brand new. You should give him a listen. He's well worth it!

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