Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2014 New Years Resolution

.Hello guys and dolls! It's Dr. Fronkensteen here with my second annual New Years resolutions. Last year shaped up pretty well so let's see how next year works!

  • Build more guitars: I keep coming out with great ideas and have designs cluttering up my notebooks all the time. If I keep thinking them up and I continue to enjoy playing them I guess I'll keep playing them.
  • Promote more plays: I put up most of my plays online so that I can get people to read them. Now I just want more people to read them and hopefully produce them. My goal for next year is to get at least 20 productions or readings of 27 Days by the end of next year. These plays are just too good and can do so much good for other people for them not to be seen by everybody!
  • One Great production: As I promote all of the plays that I do and hope that they all get productions I want to get personally involved in at least that one production that I really want to do and one that will help launch my career. Instead of going for quantity I'm going for quantity.
  • Move to New Jersey: Yeah it's getting that time where I've learned that I've outgrown my city and my state and it's time to try my chances pursuing my degree up north. That's where most of the theatre is. Hopefully by next December I'll be writing to you from my new home!
  • Finish up my degree: One more year and a thesis away! So stoked!
  • Walk More: I already walk just about everywhere but with my health in mind I want to add 800-1600 more miles this next year to make sure that I keep my body in tip top shape. 
Well it's the start of 2014 and it's already going great. Happy New Year from me and DragynAlly! We hope you make it the best!

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