Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Frozen Speaks to Everybody #DisneyFrozen

So when DragynAlly first got back from the preview screening of Frozen last October and was raving about it. At first I was scared. She was throwing around phrases like, "changed the game" and "best since Little Mermaid".  And she was fangirling about it so hard that I was almost afraid that I might not like it.  It would have been horrible if we would have had to break up over that. So I spent two months  reading every review she wrote for it, all of her discussions about how Disney was changing the game, and listening to songs from the soundtrack about a million times.
Once you see it you'll never want to let it go!

But then I finally got to see it when I visited her over the holidays. I sat in front of the screen ready for just another random Disney movie...and I got a good movie...that and so much more! Disney totally changed the game of animated films forever and they succeeded in making a movie that someone, no matter what their background or struggle, could relate to!

Take the song "Let it Go". By the time we got to that song I was balling! I've heard that people have listened to it and said that it spoke to them about feminism or coming out and I love that many people can hear an incredible song and find that it relates to their own lives.

For me reminded me of my time struggling with Tourettes.  There were several times in my life that I was just trying to hold all of it in because if my tics ever reared their head in public I got teased and made fun of. So I would clench and hold it in and lock everyone away into the outside world.  It wasn't until much later with the help of the love of family, a great girlfriend, and true friends that I finally felt comfortable being myself in public.

So that's why Elsa's struggle in the movie got me to tear up from the very beginning. I knew that mantra, of "concealing not feeling". I knew of parents of other kids with TS who would have been just like Elsa and Anna's parents, dividing the kids and keeping their child away from the world. Trying to protect her. I was loving the story and being bowled over for how the story of a fairy tale queen hit me right where I lived!

That's what good stories do! No matter what they are they wield a certain kind of magic that meet people wherever they are.

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