Monday, January 20, 2014

7 Best Cigar Box Musicians on Youtube

So I talk a lot about cigar box guitars around here. Well just so you know that there are actually great musicians out there that bring home the bills usually only playing cigarbox guitars and diddley bows or at least featuring them heavily in their sets. So here are some of my favorite Cigar Box Guitar Musicians of Youtube. 
My First Cigar Box Guitar Build Ever!
  1. Bill Abel: One of the second people I found when I was searching for videos of Diddley Bows. He is notable to me for playing a broomstick diddley bow like me and a six string made from a piece of driftwood. I believe he's a Mississippi boy so you can hear that southern stomp in a lot of  his music. Check out one of my favorite vids of his here
  2. Shane Speal: The self-appointed "King of the Cigar Box Guitar" Shane was also the starter and the curator of the Cigar Box Guitar Museum. He was the first person I saw that had great videos that showed people how to play cigar box guitars and there are several videos of his own CBG builds. Go to his channel here for some great project inspiration!
  3. Seasick Steve: When I was first looking for videos about diddley bows and cigarbox guitars I first found a vid of Steve playing "Save Me" on a diddley bow made of a plank of wood and a broom wire. He has several home made and customized instruments that he plays all the time. It's that fuzzy and primal feeling of blues that I just really love!!! Check out his channel here!
  4. Scott Ainslie: Scott gets on this list mainly for his work trying to preserve the Delta Blues culture and compiling the history of the diddley bow and paying tribute to some of it's users. He can break down the reasons why these instruments started getting used and why people play them the way they do. He also does a lot of presentations for educators. See his channel here.
  5. One String Willie: Above all the Master of the Diddley Bow! He can play such rich tones and rhythms on just one string and get you dancing and jiving! Find his stuff here!
  6. Rev. KM Williams: If you ever want to hear a cigar box guitar player that can take you to church and back you'll love him! He sings some wonderful gospel and blues that gets your foot a stomping and your hands a clapping! You can see his youtube channel here!
  7. Johnny Lowebow: Notable for building his own style of CBG The Lowebow which is a one string bass and a three string together. He also has a great style and has inspired lots of great artists. You can find a great video about his music and his guitars here!

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