Thursday, January 2, 2014

5 Reasons to See Frozen #DisneyFrozen

Hello Guys and Dolls! DragynAlly once again taking over the Lounge... You know you love it! Today I decided to post a really pretty picture from my new favorite Disney movie Frozen. Dr. Fronkensteen hasn't seen this yet... Well as I write this now he hasn't. Hopefully I'll fix that by today.  See what happens when you write blog posts ahead of time? Anyway... Since I am here I wanted to give you 5 good reasons to try and see Frozen in theaters. Ready?
  1. The 3D is amazing! I don't usually like 3D. But if you are going to see a movie in 3D make it Frozen. See the snow and ice castle in the pic? It looks epic on the big screen and having it feel like you are surrounded by a blizzard.
  2. Get a Horse is a Mickey Mouse short before the movie. You need to see this in 3D. It is epic in 3D. Just trust me.
  3. Spoilers! I've seen Frozen twice and I still get frustrated when people post spoilers. This movie is such a game changer that you want to make sure you see it before someone ruins it for you.
  4. The Frozen soundtrack can't be fully appreciated until it is blasted in your head by theater speakers. The music is almost operatic. Now imagine you are surrounded by sound and huge screen images... OR you could just go see it!
  5. It's a great princess movie that feels grown up and accessible to all. No matter who you are you will be able to relate to the message of love of family and being true to yourself. 

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