Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The True Meaning of Christmas

So if you asked me anything about Christmas I would have said anything but being in the Christmas mood. The week before I was sick with the flu and it took me forever to get back to any semblance of normal. I missed the church's Christmas musical and missed all of the Christmas cheer. I had to buy presents for everyone very late and it seems that with the family coming in very late we won't even be opening presents until Boxing Day (that's the day after Christmas for the uninitiated)

I spent forever trying regain the will to live, much less get into the Christmas spirit. I saw a lot of people out there getting their presents ready and making cookies and feeling the joy but you don't really feel it myself. All I saw was that I didn't have the money to buy any cool gifts, we weren't doing anything special, and my holiday didn't really start until afterwards.

Merry Christmas from the Fronkensteen Lounge!

But then I had to make myself realize that when you strip away all of the wrapping of Christmas, all of the consumerism, all of the Christian and Pagan tradition, and all of the other stuff you get the universal truth of Christmas. Christmas is about people spending a day with the people you love and spreading peace and joy. It's about taking a day off to be with your family. Christmas is people in a world in the darkest of winter lifting themselves up and turning towards light and happy things. The best gift that you give is when you give of yourself and share the joy with others.

I had to count my blessings and realize all of the good things around me. My family will be together. We're going to have a lot of fun and have lot's of good food. I'm working and doing well in school. I'll actually be celebrating two Christmases, one at home and one with DragynAlly in NJ. We are so excited about seeing each other and we know we're going to have a great time.

So my Christmas cheer is coming a little late but it will be there. And I'm really excited to be celebrating with my family and with my babycakes. So I hope that you guys have found the same joy that I have. Merry Christmas and God Bless.

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