Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Shuffle #WritingPrompt

Here is a cool writing prompt from my the genius of DragynAlly. So do you like listen to music while you write. Don't let an opportunity pass you buy to use those tasty tunes to help you write your play!

Start writing and put your Ipod on shuffle. Start playing and write a scene for each song. You only have a limited amount of time to write the scene though because when the song ends you have to immediately stop that scene and start writing a new one. By the end of the session you'll at least have a cool working outline for a play with no thought required.

Bust a move and write a play at the same time? I'm in!

What are some variations for this? Well what if you're trying to create a character and you have no clue for what to make of them? Well why don't you make a playlist for that character and use each song as inspiration for an interesting quirk or character trait. I did this once for for a character of mine who was a former pastor turned heavy rocker. I started looking for songs from both the Christian perspective and classic rock songs that told me who he was and who he is now.

Songs and other media are like goldmines. They are worth their weight in story ideas and character ideas. They start these narratives in our heads that we must get out. It's our job to dig for them and use them for our purposes. So grab your Ipods, Iphones, (or in my case my Walkman) and start looking for your next ideas.

And as always have fun!

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