Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Fronkensteen Manifesto

So ever since I started the Lounge I wanted to create my own manifesto. Essentially a manifesto is your statement of what you think your chosen craft is and how you and the rest of the world should interface with it. A manifesto is your love letter to your art. Here is mine. It's subject to being edited as I go along. Tell me what you think.

Me and my friends eating before making Theatre with the Lubberland Dance Company
-Theatre is experimentation. Theatre should be homeless an nomadic. Not focused on making events but becoming events. Not about keeping out but allowing everyone in. Theatre should be as readily accessible and deceptively easy as blogging. Everyone should be able to try and through hard work be allowed to support themselves with it. 

-Theatre should not be tied into a building but break into the places where people are. Theatre can happen on a truck, theatre can happen in a house, the stage is this world. Theatre is allowed online and in impossible spaces. The theater is you!

-Theatre should not be ashamed of making money. Theatre is not a charity case. Artists should be allowed to do what they need to support themselves and know that they still have the dignity of being an artist. 

-Theatre should be not about being "discovered" but you discovering the potential in yourself. In your everyday surroundings, and in what you do now. You don't have to be discovered to make art as long as you discover that you can make art now! 

-Theatre is blending and melding. Theatre can be a mix of all of the artforms put together. Theater should never be afraid to mingle and make friends. To collaborate and make new forms and should never be afraid to help other people get started. Theatre is always starting and continually changing.

-Theatre should not be a prerequisite to do theatre. Anyone no matter of skill level, infrastructure, or economic status should be barred from pursuing a life of good art.  

-Theatre is about citizenship and being a responsible citizen in the theatre community. Pursuing justice and charity and equality for all. 

Fronkensteen Theatre is an expansion of the Little Theatre Movement. It's a Brother of Cheap Art and a cousin to Neo-Futurism. It evolves as it is grown and changes as new philosophies are added to the family. Remember that you the artist are the new Little Theater. The World is your Stage. The Means are whatever is around you. The Artistic Life is yours to live. 

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