Monday, December 2, 2013

My Favorite thing about Being in the Theatre

I think my favorite thing about being in the theatre is getting all of the people together. Also seeing an empty space and knowing that in four weeks there's going to be theatre there.  I love seeing the whole process. I love seeing the day by day process of the set being built and I love seeing the journey of actors with their scripts in hand the first week and making discoveries and then making characters their own.

I have what I would call the producer sickness. That means when I walk into a room the first thing that I do is think to myself, "I could do turn this into a theatre space." And when I get a good idea I just have to get my friends together and do it. I have to get my theatre family together and do it.

It's that aspect that makes me a junkie about the theatre. It's that feeling where you would do anything to just be in the building, to volunteer to sweep the floor if that's what it takes to see this process unfold. It's seeing how this show went from words on a page to the end product that we see on opening night that makes it all worth while to me.

So everyone needs their "X" Factor that makes them want to follow their dreams. I love hearing people tell me what keeps them going in this industry. For me it's sitting on the bare stage before the first read through and knowing that in four weeks we'll soon see the space get transformed into a new space and on opening night we'll be able to share with the audience the journey we took to get there.

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