Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back

So I thought this would be a cool idea. For New Years Eve I thought it would be cool to take my New Years Resolutions and see how far I got in 2013. So let's see how I did...
  1. 5 production credits: So I didn't get the five that I was hoping for but I did get a great reading and a great production of 27 Days. 
  2. Start Raising Capital: Didn't really do this one. It seemed like this year it was better for me to plan and work on making the blog better. Well you know, maybe next year!
  3. Step forward as Producer/Consultant: I got to work on the Redeye 10's Coast to Coast as the Producer for the Central Time Zone. It was fun to know I was part of a National Movement!
  4. Step out of the Musician/Performer Closet: Well I got to perform a bit over the summer with one of my cigar box guitars and I just made a new one. 
So I think three out of four ain't bad. I also got to see NewYork and the North for the first time, donated my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, and did a lot of work for the End It Movement. So when you put all of that together it's been a very eventful year. I hope y'alls year has been amazing and wish you lots of luck in the next. See you later!

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