Friday, December 20, 2013

Living Christ at Christmas @AdvntConspiracy

So have you ever noticed that the only way to seemingly do Christmas well is to either get horribly stressed and caught up in the commercialism or to just "sit on the sidelines" and not really participate. And as a Christian you're already in the tug of war in the whole "war on Christmas" debate which I personally think is a whole bunch of baloney. If you're like me and you personally believe that it's more important to keep Christ in your life instead of worrying about whether He gets lip-service this time of year you may wonder if there is anyone out there who has a movement designed just for you.

And that's where you find Advent Conspiracy.

Advent Conspiracy was a Christian Movement wanting to make sure that we focus on the true spirit of giving this Christmas. The philosophy is wrapped around four concepts to help you get free of Christmas stress.
  • Worship more: Realize that if you truly believe that Christmas is all about the birth of Christ then growing closer to Him and His teachings is a good step.
  • Spend Less: This doesn't mean that you have to never give presents to your friends and family. It just means that instead of a bunch of gifts that max out your credit cards and your family won't remember next year you focus on getting them that one gift that they'll remember forever!
  • Give More: They mean giving more of yourself and money to do good in this world. Instead of wasting ten bucks on those silly Secret Santa gifts why not get the whole office to donate that money to International Justice Mission or Living Water International, two of AC's partner ministries. Or volunteer your time at a local charity. They key idea is about doing something for good this Christmas.
  • Love All: Realize that one of the key points of Christmas is "peace on Earth and goodwill towards men". That means showing the love that you claim Christ had towards all people in your life.  Instead of getting into other people's "holiday drama" be the love that you want to see in the world.
And that's it. It reduces your holiday stress and makes you spend more time doing the things that count. It's not about making sure you force people to say "Christmas" instead of "Holidays" or trying to fight a  "War on Christmas". It's living that victory that you're celebrating the birth of the person that you believe is the Master of the Universe. So live like it. 

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