Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to keep a Millenial interested.

Hello guys and dolls. Dr. Fronkensteen here. I just got done listening to this podcast right here from I found it intriguing and enlightening but I did something right after listening that I wish I didn't. I read the comments. It was full of these people (all most likely a lot older) going on and on about how they don't like to hire "Millenials" (people born 1985 and sooner) because they're lazy, the get bored easily, they don't like the entry level work of most jobs, and they don't have any ambition. Something that I know is just plain wrong.

I'll readily admit I was a 90's kid and kinda grew up thinking that I was a Gen X-er only to have some guy in an office take that title away from me and lump me with the kids that were born after the century changed. At first I resented it. 90's kids are a weird breed. My gf says that we are the generation that was born in the 80's, grew up in the 90's, and embittered by the 00's. We were born at a time when the techno age was still dial up and AOL but inherited a 20's with Iphones and Google.  But more and more I do have to admit that I'm a Millenial at heart. So it bothers me when I keep hearing people bad mouth this generation because we don't happen to play by your rules. So maybe I can leave you some insight about how we are hardwired differently and some tips to make sure you can keep a Millenial Happy at their job.
We raised awareness about a huge social issue with a single X and all from our homes. Are we really all that lazy?

  1. We were told we can change the world sitting down: I've often talked about the End It Movement before on this blog. The Movement originated at concert and conference called the Passion Conference. At this weekend conference and concert my first year there (basically a vacation for most of us) 40 k broke college students raised a couple million dollars to fund organizations, even a task force for Atlanta Police, to help end human trafficking. And then we sang afterwards. On our vacation we helped change the world and fund major missions to end a world problem and then went home to go back to classes the next week. What is your job doing that's more interesting than our vacations?
  2. We're more fulfilled in our hobbies: I currently work part time (10 hours a week). In my "free time" work on this blog, tinker with social media, and write/market my plays. I work about thirty hours a week on it for free. On this "hobby" in my free time I reach about thousand people or more in my social media, get about 500-1,000 unique readers on my site a month, and by putting my playwriting portfolio online I get instant feedback from people who've read my work. My gf, DragynAlly does so much better than that (because she is so awesome)! Frequently a lot of Millenials get this much attention on their blogs. I reach all those people in my (unpaid) free time. What's your job doing that's more fulfilling than my free time?
  3. We're told we have to go to college to get a job we "deserve": Anyone can find in a google search how much debt students take on to get a Bachelor's degree and even an Advanced degree.   We were told that "flipping burgers" or working a "menial" job is beneath us. So we spend a lot of money to get an advanced degree to get the job we're told we'll deserve and then we get out into the real world and we're told that we're "unqualified" for the jobs left available to us. And then we find out that there aren't as many jobs left for us in our degree field as we were told when we read the brochure. Is your job something that we "deserve"?
  4. We were told to value our creativity and independent thinking: I remember being told as a kid that I can think my way out of any problem and that I could do it alone or working in a small team. And we were also taught to multi task. I have several friends who I work with from time to time. If I make them work the same menial and tedious job in your office they're often going to get bored. But if I give them a mission and the responsibility to do it all by themselves they'll often rise to the challenge and exceed your expectations. It's the difference between "file these papers and sort these documents" and "how are you going to make us more organized?" It's the same end product but our version of it. Is your job making us cogs in your machine or do we have responsibility?
  5. We can access the information better than you can: If you start circulating a rumor you heard on the radio we can do a quick Google search and tell you that already declared it an urban legend. If you start badmouthing a certain public figure or a piece of legislation based on a news report we can dig up about six reports with the facts. This is how we base our worldview, by finding the facts ourselves. Give me a topic and in about a week I can get enough info free online to fill a textbook on it. Give us enough time and we can be experts on any topic. Is your job asking us to take your facts at face value or is it allowing us to make up our own minds and add to the situation?
I hope that you found this informative. There was a name that they first created for my generation that I always thought was going to stick. They first started calling us the "Mosaic Generation" because we were the generation that got to piece ourselves together from whatever remnants we could find. We were the first generation that could choose to make ourselves instead of being made by who was before us. I hope it does stick. And I hope that all the Millenials out there will smile when the read this and keep piecing themselves together. Have fun!

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