Friday, December 27, 2013

Does an Artist Need a Website

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Does an artist need to have a blog/website?

Is that a trick question? Of course an artist needs a website. For the same reason ANY business should have a website. To get a wider audience. Having a website or blog helps you create an online presence and start working on your living resume. What is great about a blog is you can talk about your accomplishments as they happen!

A blog is an especially good idea for an artist because you can share your art and who you are as an artist. It allows for people to step inside your world and learn more about you. You can post pictures and samples of your art. Dr. Fronkensteen actually has samples of his scripts on this page. It allows for people to see your work and decide if they like it.

Again with the resume, your blog helps highlight your style of work and how much you have accomplished in your career to date. People ask you "what do you do?" You reply "check out my site. It'll tell you all about me." And if you do it right it will.Your site or blog should also be set up so people (see future employers) can contact you.

A blog is also a way for you to connect with people. As you gain a following you will find other artists or people who want to work with you. Yes it's great to create for yourself but if you want to turn art into a career you need to get eyes on your work. A blog is a self-controlled way of doing just that.

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