Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Any Day!

Merry Christmas guys and dolls! It's your favorite neighborhood DragynAlly here taking over Dr. Fronkensteen's Lounge so he can get a much needed hiatus. He wrote 3 blog posts for me it's the least I can do. I know many of you will be opening gifts today and spending time with family. A few of you might not celebrate Christmas and some of you have to work today.

That's why I want to think of Christmas as not just a day. Sure that's what the calendar says but I disagree. Christmas is every day you cherish your loved ones and respect you fellow man (woman... person). Christmas is the feeling you get when you help others and you do good deeds. Christmas is the spirit of charity and goodwill.

Yes I am kind of celebrating Christmas today. My family doesn't really have plans. However my Christmas won't truly be here until Dr. Fronkensteen is on my doorstep in 5ish days! This will be our first Holiday together. So for us Christmas starts December 29/30. We will bake cookies, watch Christmas movies and exchange gifts just like it is December 25th. Because Christmas is what you make it.

Happiest of Holidays!

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