Friday, November 8, 2013

The #10InchesProject is Under Way @LocksLove #10InchesProject

So today is the day. All the hair that I've spent a year growing is getting chopped off and sent to Locks of Love. There have been so many people who have inspired me and lost or bravely fought the battle with cancer that I wanted to do something to commemorate how they impressed themselves on my life.

But also I realized that this has been a weird journey for me. I've spent a year growing this all out. And it's been quite a life in the world of long hair. I've never had it this long and I doubt it's going to be this long again. But it's also been a long year remembering how all the people you've been close with who died have made an impact on you. And as I go and tell their stories I realize I'm also telling my own. Because their stories and mine are intertwined and you can't tell one without the other.

So that got me thinking. And it soon became obvious that I was going to do another New Play Project to tell the amazing stories of these people and how they affected me. And so the 10 Inches Project was born. Starting today I'll be taking the next ten days to write a new play. One that hopefully can talk about hope and remembrance but also used as a play to raise awareness and benefit cancer and cancer fighters.

So what can you do? Join the conversation with me while I write this play by following the #10InchesProject hashtag on twitter. Then after it's done I'm going to put the draft up on line and ask you for your input into it's development. I'm always trying new ways to get people involved in my work and use cyberspace and social media to make my village around my plays. Social Media has helped me create my theatre tribe and even if the only part of theatre that you get is a seat in the audience I want you to help me. Let me know your thoughts as I get this new play up and going!

Keep tuned and follow the hashtag. Let's do this.

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