Saturday, November 16, 2013

May Designs are very Noteworthy! #giveaway

So here is my second review in my dinosaur themed holiday gift guide. This is a great custom notebook from May Designs. But before I get on to any specifics let's get some formalities over.

Disclaimer: I was given a custom notebook of my own in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

So I have had May Design's notebooks for a long time ever since my girlfriend DragynAlly showed them to me. I'm a writer and an academic and so I always love having a notebook handy when I need to make a quick note or a sketch. So May Design's takes that kind of utility and gives you a personalized trendy cover to make even the most utilitarian notebook a unique fashion statement.

Like I said I've had two notebooks from May Designs and they have been attached to the hip to me these past two years that I've had them. They have wide margins and clear lines and a narrow spine so that you can get them to lay flat. And they are the perfect size to make notes in class or write down those lines that have been in your head. I'm a playwright so I have different characters and lines floating in my head all the time. Now I can go to my notebooks and look over my thoughts.

And here's the greatest thing about them. Their convenient size means that I can stack them all up on my nightstand and they don't take as much space as a composition notebook or a spiral notebook. I can fit them on my book shelf with the rest of my books and know where they are. Oh and because they're all so personalized I can know by looking at them which notebooks they are and what's inside.

They're also very tightly stitched and have great plastic covers for better durability. And you can customize them on their website to any combination of designs and colors to make your notebook as cool as possible. My gf razzes me about picking my hot pink notebook with sparkles and dinosaurs on it. I fell in love with the cover the minute I saw it and it was just as cute coming out of the package as it was on the screen. Whatever your personality or style I bet that May Designs has a cover for it.

I can tell you from experience that these notebooks are great gifts. My gf DragynAlly just gave me a new planner for next year for my birthday. You can go to their website and pick out the perfect notebook, planner, wedding planner, diet planner, or journal for that special someone.

And now you can enter to win a $26 credit from May Designs to win one of your very own. Rules in the rafflecopter. If you want to win even more May Designs notebooks go to The Dragyn's Lair and enter her giveaway for a $51 credit on the site.

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