Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Journaling for a new play! #10InchesProject

So recently I started a new play project that I've loosely titled The Ten Inches Project. It's started out as me decompressing about my year long journey to grow my hair out to donate and then it evolved into me remembering all of the people I know who lost their struggle with cancer. But then it snowballed into me remembering everyone who was important to me who passed away. Now I'm almost halfway finished and while like every rough draft I know it's going to need a rewrite I start to see the potential of a good play there.

And sometimes that's what you need to write a new play. Sometimes a play spawns from that personal part of your life that you just have to get out. I started with just something that I wanted to say and as it started to pour out of me I started to see what was taking shape. There's something about your personal life that gives your plays something to that just rings of truth. It's like the raw ore that you pull out of the ground. It's now really workable yet but when you refine it in the fire of revision it really starts to shine.

See real life is great sometimes...
A tip that I try to do is add some organization into the chaos...or you could call it method to the madness. I try to keep all of my ramblings to a uniform page length so that they can easily be turned into scenes when I come back to rewrite.  The main thing is to not really have an end product in mind and just let it all flow out. The organization is to help you pick it apart later.

A lot of people say that pulling stuff from your personal life is not a great way to write a play. I say that's it's a great way to start a rough draft. Eventually you have to make it into an actual working play. But in the process of writing I think that it helps you a lot to look for the material that life has already given you to get your play going.

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