Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving from the Fronkensteen Lounge

So this officially the Fronkensteen Lounge's 200th Blog Post. Yay! I've been so thankful for this blog and all of my readers. I've loved doing this so much. And so I'm glad that I've had this occasion to celebrate my 200th and tell everyone what I'm thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Fronkensteen Lounge!
Happy Thanksgiving from Dr. Fronkensteen and DragynAlly!
  • My smoking hot girlfriend!
  • Family and Friends
  • My wonderful theatre family. (Hollins Woot!)
  • The ability to make great music
  • Good stories that keep coming!
  • And my wonderful fans!
  • That I got past another year at graduate school.
  • My health.
  • My blog going past a year (and still chugging!)
  • My great job that lets me play with beautiful babies. 
So that's it! Please enjoy your turkey and all of the fun with family and friends! Cherish what you're thankful for and let people know how thankful you are for them. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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