Friday, November 15, 2013

Go Prehistoric with Safari Ltd. #giveaway

So hey guys and gals it's your wonderful and talented Dr. Fronkensteen here with my very first holiday gift guide.  Now before we go any farther let me get some formalities out of the way.

Disclaimer: I was given three Safari Ltd. dinosaurs to review. The giveaway is sponsored by Safari Ltd. All opinions are my own.

So ever since I was a kid I loved dinosaurs and I grew up on the Jurassic Park movies. As a little kid growing up with Tourettes Syndrome I remember having a pretty big collection of dinosaur toys and I loved playing with them and creating lots of epic stories and characters.  So when Safari Ltd. sent me the three coolest dinosaurs ever, Bruce (T-Rex), Trey (Triceratops), and Ruby (Stegosaurus), I knew that my inner dino geek would be pleased!

I've always loved dinosaurs because they're the biggest and coolest animals we've never seen. Because they're from a time long gone all we know about them is from the record created in the rocks below us. So now with Safari Ltd. you can have all of those cool things at the palm of your hand. If you have a dino lover in your family these are the perfect gifts!

Bruce, Max, and Ruby are the perfect trio because they are the classic dinosaurs you think about in your childhood memories when you watched cartoons and movies of these great beasts. I called my T-Rex Bruce because he was the boss like Springsteen. And then I called my Triceratops Trey because he's got three horns and he needed a name as cool as his horns. And when I showed my stegosaurus to my girlfriend I wanted to call him Spike but she just shook her head and said "HER name is Ruby, get it right!" And that's how I know that Safari Ltd got these dinosaurs right. The minute I opened the box I saw their personalities and knew that they had to have names. They didn't make me toys. They made me friends!

Safari Ltd. made my friends to the highest quality ever. They're made of hard durable material that can take a bout of hard play but are so beautifully hand painted that you can put them on the shelf and display them as collectors pieces. And did I mention that they're anatomically correct? The hardest thing when you're looking for good dinosaur toys is that they are cartoonish and historically innaccurate, (like the brontosaurus which is cute but sadly doesn't exist) But not so for Safari Ltd.! These dinosaurs look like they came right out of the Cretaceous period with accurate joints and scale. I love that these guys are realistic because they seem to come to life in my hand.

And did I mention that they are also durable? I work in a nursery so I know how much toys can take a beating when you get a couple of three year-olds playing with them. But I've knocked these toys around, dropped them, and scratched at them and there's not a mark on them. These little dinos are made to stand the test against time. So that your little one can have as much time with his new little friends as humanly possible.

These guys being me right back to the days of playing with the scale dinosaur models in preschool. I was a quiet kid and played off by myself in the corner. And it was Stretch the Apatosaurus and Bruno the T-Rex that kept me company. I had spent years looking for those models at Toy Stores and museums because I never found them. But Safari Ltd. introduced me to my new little friends. And they can introduce your kids to their little friends too.

And now you can enter to win a dinosaur of your very own. Rules in the rafflecopter. If dinosaurs aren't your thing you can enter to win some dragons at the Dragyn's Lair.

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