Monday, November 18, 2013

Giving up my religion...

So I want to say that I normally don't want to say that I normally don't post a lot about my religion online.  I have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ and I like to respect other people who follow their own hearts and have their own beliefs. We're all following something and while I follow my journey I like to respect people that are on theirs. So even if you don't subscribe to the whole "christian thing" maybe you'll read it and still get something out of it.

But I just had to get something off of my chest. I've been on a journey within a journey recently and it's led me to a place that I never thought I would be. I recently reached the last step on my recovery from fundamentalism. That last step was looking at the bible and going "what does the bible actually say?"  

You may have wondered what I was doing as a Christian before. Well I was always searching for what God wanted me to do and looking for what the Bible meant to me in the present day. But there was a time in my life that if you asked me about what I believed about a topic...say creationism or gay rights I would have said something like, "well my pastor says this" or "this bible scholar says.." But I couldn't have told you what the Bible said about that topic. I could have told you what my mom and pastor said but I couldn't have told you what God and His Word said about it. 

And when I started digging into the Bible more I started seeing that several Christians out there that will make radical stands against something, people who have mistaken politics for religion, and people that have said a lot of outlandish things and claimed that they were God's word only because they're taking a verse out of context and trying to twist it into what they believe. Or they're trying to take a lot of things  that people have added onto their religion, stuff that their parents, pastors, and years of organized religion and outdated philosophies and shape the the Bible around it. 

I found that by taking off all of the filters and contexts that I thought that I knew about the Bible and starting from the foundation that I truly know nothing other than that I have a relationship with Christ and started from there that I found all of the burdens from my old fundamentalism ways falling off of me.

It was when I started looking at what Jesus actually said that I was able to notice all the things that I believed before that were no part of what He focused on while on this earth. Jesus says nothing about hating homosexuals, or denouncing science and progress, or guns, or for that matter hating anyone. But He did talk about loving everybody and self sacrifice. He did talk about doing your civic duty but not buying into partisan politics. Jesus, the greek name for a Jewish boy named Joshua of Nazareth, was a long haired Jewish teacher that healed the sick, ate lunch with "sinners" and instead of fighting for his rights to lord it over people gave his own life so that we could all be equal in the Kingdom of Heaven. 

You might scratch you head and say, "that has nothing to do with religion". I would say "exactly", but I would say that's everything to do with being a true Christian. 

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