Monday, November 25, 2013

Find your own Tribe

So if I've learned one thing about theatre it's one thing. The best roles and opps I've ever gotten I never really "auditioned/interviewed" for. That's not to say that I never sat in the auditions for them or talked with an interview board and it didn't mean that I didn't have to mind my manners and have my stuff together. It's just that when I walked into the interview I knew that I had a small little "in" already. It's because I've always followed this rule given by Jose Rivera.

His biggest rule was "find your tribe". In theatre we tend to create our own families. I started to realize this when I was getting some of my more important resume credits they all came through my connections with the same people. These people became my theatre family for a little while, people I could almost count on to get some work going.  I found that I had this group of people that as long as I was good to them they were very good to me.

Remember over the summer when I told you to generate a lead list? That's a great tool in your box to keep yourself working but also as you feel that you've been working with people more than at least three times it might be time that you start to deepen the relationship. Also think about the people that you always seem to be working with all of the time. Those are your theatre family. As much as you work to maintain your leads you should probably spend some more time making sure that these people feel special.

Here are some things I'm going to try to do to make my theatre family feel special n the next year. Maybe you can find inspiration in these!

  • Greeting Cards: Stamps are cheap. I want to make sure that I'm sending cards at least four times a year in 2014.
  • Swapping Scripts: I want to make sure that I can get my theatre family to know that I'm aware of what they do. So I want to make sure I'm swapping scripts with them and reading their scripts. And also continuing the convo with them later.
  • Sharing Opps: I want my theatre family to know that I'm looking to work on their stuff. So whenever I have something I need to get done I want them to know I'm ready to trade with them. If they do something for me I'm more than willing to do something for them. 
Try these out! I know that I definitely am. In 2014 I not only want to build my theatre network but I want to make sure that my theatre family knows how much I appreciate them!

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