Friday, November 1, 2013

All Saints Day Special @LocksLove

All Saint's Day is a time where you take time out to remember all of the Saints that have gone on before us. I choose to take extra time and remember all of the bright stars that left this life that were a guiding force in my life. Their lights are dim now but they will always be there.

This time last year I started on a journey to remember all of the people who have lost the battle to cancer. I decided that I would take a year to grow my hair to donate it to Locks of Love. It was a weird process to get it to the required ten inches. This is the longest it's ever been. Yeah it's been a cool ride and I've had fun sporting the hippy look for a while but I never forgot that it was about spending a year thinking about how they contributed to my life and about the person who might benefit from my donation.
Me and My Hair. Ain't it long!

So next week I'll be completely bald. Me and the gf get a week to say goodbye to my hair but then I get to do what I started out to do and that's sacrificing a little bit of yourself to impact someone's life for the good. And that's the real important thing.

This All Saint's Day post is dedicated to five people who have lost the fight with cancer. I hope that on the other side that they know that they made a difference in my life and that their story will live on. As I walk I want them to be walking with me.

In Memoriam to: Papa John, Aunt Faye, Rev. Boyer, Shelby Kay, and Mr. Henry. You are missed but always present.

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