Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tourettes Jam Session 2 #TourettesTuesday

So people never believe me when I tell them that I never learned how to beatbox. I'm not a huge lover of rap or hip hop but I am a great devotee of Delta and African Fusion which means I'm also a lover of Rhythm. But when I first started beatboxing I never knew that I was doing it. I just called it Tourettes.

I don't remember when I first learned that something my Tourettes was making me do was also a musical skill that people practiced hard to learn. I just remember that when I discovered it I then found that I had a way to hide my Tourettes in plain sight. I don't ever condone hiding Tourettes but at a difficult time in my life it was cool to have a creative outlet to pour it into that also helped me fit in more  when I was around the theatre crowd.

I'm not saying that all my friends with TS should learn to beatbox. This is just an example of how channeling your extra energy into something else can help you keep your sanity. And who knows it may even show you a new passion in your life. But most importantly keep being you! Peace out guys!

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