Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The One Man Show Writing Prompt #writerwednesday

So this is the last in my succession of writing prompts. And this one seems a like it should be the easiest but it'll probably be the hardest you'll ever have to do. (In fact I think I'll probably find myself pulling my hair out over this one). Your task in this writing prompt is to write a one man/woman show. Seems easy right? It would be easy if you didn't have the following ten tasks that you must complete while writing it.
Pics from my first ever one woman show.

The One Man Prompt

In your one man show you will....

  1. Have the character use one prop that can be itself and the whole world at the same time.
  2. Tell the story of a family of no less than ten.
  3. Have a dialogue between two characters.
  4. Tell the story of a box that's a box and so much more at the same time.
  5. Our hero reminds us of a famous fairy tale character.
  6. The story spans 20 years.
  7. Someone's experiment goes awry.
  8. The Play is only 50 minutes long. 
  9. Someone performs the most death defying trick.
  10. The play begins and resolves over a cup of tea. 
Another pic from my first one woman show.
Remember that one and a half pages of text read a loud is about five minutes. Have fun with it. And also remember that a writing prompt is also about the dramatic sudoku that makes you expand your craft and brain beyond what you think you can do. You'll be doing a rewrite to make it a great play later. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

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