Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Me that I Really Am #TourettesTuesday

So when I first started doing Tourettes Tuesdays I knew that there was one post that I should be doing. But I've been fighting it because I was afraid. Sometimes we people with TS are afraid to show people our real face or let them stare at our tics for too long because we're afraid of what they're going to say. We don't like being stared at or made fun of and it becomes a real fear in our lives.

So we do one of two things. We try to clench it in and pretend that everything is "normal" or we just stay inside on bad days. I have been guilty of doing both. I either clamp down and try to suppress my tics in pubic just hoping that I won't explode too much when I get home. Or on super bad days I stay home and don't let anyone see me.

Well I've learned now that this not only hurts my cause but it makes me a hypocrite trying to tell you about my struggles and hoping that you overcome your fear when I'm still a little afraid myself. You never do lose that nagging fear that the bullying might start again or that people will snicker when they see my tics. But it doesn't mean that we should be letting that fear run our lives.

So I did something that I knew I needed to do all this time when I started but I was all to afraid to you. I wanted to show you my real face with TS. And I think this video does all the explaining for me.  I hope this inspires you to get out there and not care what anyone else thinks. Don't make TS put you in a shell that you hide in. Get out there and live life!

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