Friday, October 4, 2013

Lessons I learned from Producing

So after working the Redeye 10s Play Festival I learned so many things. It was my first real producing job. So I wanted to share some of my biggest lessons with you.
Borrowed from Wendi Spanogians

  1. Hit the phones: 80-90% of your contacts are going to be from personal contact with your friends and loved ones. Shout in every avenue that you have but make sure that you keep your lead list happening.
  2. Keep it simple: Know what you can and can't do. In fact look over your original plan and scale it back by a third or even a half. Then you probably have a plan based in reality.
  3. Invest in Help and know when to delegate: A good rule of thumb is that for every 100 seats you need one person working full time (40 hours a week). Pick the job that you want to do and find two people that you trust to coproduce working at least 10 hours a week. 
  4. Don't be a hero: Don't think that working long nights or driving yourself to death is going to accomplish anything. Especially if you ask those working with you to do the same. Work your time each day and then just let it go. If you have to work all-nighters to get the job done then you probably have an unreasonable work load.
  5. Firm it up or move on: When trying to get a commitment from people the minute you hear "let me get back to you" kindly hang up with them and then cross their name off the list. Unless you get a firm "I will be there" and then have them follow through then you can count them in.
  6. Be flexible: When the show starts to hit bumps and it starts to look grim don't count yourself out. Stick to what you know and follow your instincts. Usually when you fall back on your training your first instinct will be the right answer. So don't doubt yourself.
And the biggest lesson of all is to surround yourself with friends that are going to have fun with you. I make a point of surrounding myself with people who don't have as high a view of me as I do and can keep my ego in check. It does wonders for me. I'm thankful for all of those people  that keep me sane in the arts!

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